Happy New Year Glasses Craft

by Christine MacGregor | Lakeshore VP of Marketing

My kids rarely stay awake until midnight—even on New Year’s Eve—but celebrating the New Year is still a big deal in our house. It’s a great time for us to look back at all of our accomplishments—in school, at work and as a family—and make resolutions for the year ahead. This year, my kids will be getting into the spirit by making these outlandish glasses to ring in the New Year—as we share our hopes, plans and goals for 2016.
Note: This craft can easily be adapted for the classroom by setting out the supplies at multiple crafting stations. You can also discuss the concept of New Year’s resolutions as a group, and then invite students to write or illustrate their own resolutions.

New Year Glasses

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You will need:


  1. Trace the template onto tagboard and cut out an eyeglass frame for each child.
  2. Invite children to attach a wooden dowel along one side of the eyeglass frame with glue or craft tape.
  3. Let each child use the craft materials to decorate their glasses however they like.
  4. While kids are decorating, talk about the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. Help younger children understand the word resolution by defining it for them (something a person decides to do; a goal someone makes). Explain that resolutions can be very specific (I’m taking a vacation to the beach!) or more general (I will be more kind to others). Discuss why people might make resolutions at the beginning of the year.

When kids are done crafting and are waiting for the glue to dry, help them write a list of personal resolutions for the year ahead—and write one for yourself! Post your lists on the refrigerator as a reminder throughout the coming year.New Year Glasses

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