Valentine's Day Card

by Michelle Mahony | Lakeshore Editorial Director 

Valentine's Day CardHaving moved to California from “across the pond,” my family doesn’t get to visit with relatives nearly half as often as we’d like. To help my children stay connected with faraway loved ones, we communicate often via phone and computer—but sometimes it’s nice to send more tangible greetings to stay in closer touch. This craft provides a terrific way to send a warm hug to distant relatives—while also helping young children practice their printing skills!

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Note: This craft can also be adapted for use in the classroom—just print out multiple templates and add more supplies!

You will need:


  1. Print out the handprint template and cut out the hands.
  2. Glue one hand to each end of a sentence strip.
  3. Cut hearts out of construction paper in various colors. You’ll need one large heart and several small ones for decorations.
  4. Glue the large heart onto the middle of the sentence strip.
  5. Inside the heart, write the verse below. (Or have your child create an original rhyme.)
    I know you miss me when I’m away,
    So I made this hug for you today!
    This special hug, from me to you,
    Will give you hugs all day through!
  6. Have your child write “From” or “Love,” on the left side of the sentence strip and print his or her name on the right side. Remind your child to use the ruled lines on the sentence strip to form the letters correctly. If your child needs a printed reference for forming each letter, you can create your own custom template here.
  7. Decorate the card using the small cutout hearts and the other craft materials.
  8. Fold the sides of the sentence strip into the middle so that the hands appear to be holding the heart.
  9. Your Valentine’s Day Card is now ready for delivery!

Valentine's Day Card

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