Lucky Day Sight-Word Game

by Jennifer Corrado | Lakeshore Marketing

This easy-to-make St. Patrick’s Day game lets kids follow lucky horseshoes to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But there’s an educational twist! Kids need to use sight-word skills to reach the prize.

Note: This craft can also be adapted for use in the classroom—just print out multiple templates and add more supplies!

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You will need:


  1. Match each player with a partner.
  2. Give each pair a Lucky Day game board and a set of shamrock sight-word cards. Invite players to get creative and color both items.
  3. Give each player a leprechaun to color, cut out and use as a game marker.
  4. Explain that the object of the game is to follow the path of lucky horseshoes to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  5. Have players place the shamrock sight-word cards facedown in a deck. Then have them take turns selecting a card and reading the sight-word.
  6. Players advance their leprechaun marker to the next horseshoe when they read words correctly.
  7. The partner whose leprechaun marker reaches the pot of gold first wins!

To modify this game and practice newly acquired vocabulary words or more difficult sight-words, simply print out the blank cards and write in your own words. Then make as many copies as needed.

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