2017 Blog Ambassadors

by Victoria Montoya | Lakeshore Director of Public Relations

We are thrilled to introduce our 2017 Lakeshore Learning Ambassadors! These moms and teachers share our passion for finding creative ways to help children learn. We can’t wait to read all the brilliant ideas they’ll share as they join us in our mission to help children reach developmental milestones and achieve educational goals—while still having fun!

Follow our blog for their tips, tricks and activity ideas, and make sure to visit their blogs to learn about the experiences they’ve had using Lakeshore products with kids.

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Apples and ABC’s, Michelle Griffo 

A passionate teacher with 10 years of experience, Michelle has taught kids in kindergarten through fourth grade. She loves creating engaging classroom environments where all students can develop emotionally, socially and intellectually. Michelle is also a blogger at applesandabcs.com, where she shares teaching tips, teacher style and curriculum for the primary classroom. When she’s not teaching or blogging, she’s busy being a mommy!

Favorite Activity with Kids:
Michelle loves having kids play with sensory bins because they incorporate all her favorite things—bright colors, a hands-on element and an academic focus.

Busy Toddler, Susie Allison 

Welcome back! Susie is the blogger behind Busy Toddler and a busy mom to three busy kids. That’s a whole lot of busy! Making it to naptime each day is a big deal in her house—a house full of kids under the age of four! Susie loves finding easy, simple and creative ways to keep her little ones active throughout the day. Her activities are engaging and fun, and—most importantly—they can be re-created in seconds using household items. A former elementary school teacher, Susie’s goal is to share activity ideas with other parents and help them make it to naptime, too.

Favorite Activity with Kids:
Susie prefers sensory-based activities. Susie loves inviting her kids (and their friends) to get a little messy and have a ton of sensory fun playing with JELL-O®, finding foam letters in cornmeal and more.

Mom Inspired Life, Danielle Buckley 

Danielle is a stay-at-home mom with two kids, ages three and six. As a former elementary teacher, she enjoys the opportunity to educate her own children at home. She loves creating fun and playful learning activities that engage and excite her kids. She started the website Mom Inspired Life three years ago because she wanted to inspire parents and teachers to make learning fun!

Favorite Activity with Kids:
Science experiments top Danielle’s list of activities! She’s learned that nothing excites and engages children as much as scientific exploration, from growing plants to combining baking soda and vinegar to create a reaction.

Munchkins and Moms, Clarissa Hooper

Welcome back! Clarissa is a master bubble blower, accomplished mud-pie baker and dedicated home-preschool mom of two boys. She’s also a learning-through-play advocate! Teaching her boys in fun and creative ways is her greatest passion. In her spare time, Clarissa is the writer behind Munchkins and Moms, a blog where she shares playful learning activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Favorite Activity with Kids:
Clarissa loves taking her kids on field trips, which include visiting museums, touring a local bakery and more. She loves the opportunity to learn on the go!

Fun with Mama, Nadia Tayob 

Nadia is the mother of three wonderful kids! She has two girls (ages 3 and 8) and a boy (age 10). She started her blog, Fun with Mama, to celebrate the magic of childhood from a mother’s perspective. On her blog, Nadia shares parenting tips, activity ideas and pointers for encouraging creativity at home. She is passionate about early childhood education and believes that children should have a dedicated art area at home. Nadia loves spending time with her kids and creating intentional, play-based learning opportunities.

Favorite Activity with Kids:
Nadia loves simple activities that are engaging, challenging and full of fun. She once threw plastic letters into a tub of water. Her daughter caught them with a strainer, saying each letter out loud and giggling the whole time.

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