Color Mixing with Bubbles! Lesson Plan

by Emily McGowan | Lakeshore Early Childhood Product Development Manager

Forget everything you thought you knew about blowing bubbles! We’ve come up with a way to add educational value to this carefree outdoor activity. Use this lesson plan to let kids blow bubbles and learn all about color mixing at the same time.

Note: This lesson is designed for preschool–kindergarten. While this lesson plan was created for the classroom, it’s also a fun activity to try at home!

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  • Kids will identify red, yellow and blue as primary colors.
  • Kids will learn how primary colors combine to create secondary colors.

You will need:


  1. Read aloud Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.
  2. Ask kids to recall the three colors of paint the mice jumped into in Mouse Paint (red, yellow and blue). Explain that the colors red, yellow and blue are called primary colors.
  3. Encourage kids to share what they learned about mixing these primary colors together. (They will make new colors!)
  4. Pour some clear bubble solution into two different trays. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to one tray and yellow food coloring to the other.
  5. Ask a volunteer to blow blue and yellow bubbles onto a sheet of white chart paper or butcher paper. Ask kids to observe what happens when the two colors mix on the paper. (Yellow and blue make green.)
  6. Remind kids that mixing two primary colors together will make a secondary color, like green.

Guided Practice:

  1. Pair up the kids and take them outside for this activity. Give each pair two trays of clear bubble solution, a bubble wand and a sheet of white paper.
  2. Have each pair select two primary colors (red, yellow and/or blue). Help kids add a few drops of one food coloring to the first tray and a few drops of the other food coloring to the second tray.
  3. Encourage the partners to take turns blowing bubbles onto the paper, mixing their two primary colors together to discover what new color they can make.
  4. Allow the paper to dry and display the colorful bubble creations on a bulletin board or refrigerator. Invite kids to share what they discovered. (Red and blue = purple; yellow and blue = green; and yellow and red = orange.)

Download this lesson plan.

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