Kids Design Their Own Fashions—No Sewing or Cutting Required

Posted by Chelsea Guerrero | Lakeshore Marketing

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Kids start noticing fashion at a young age. This curiosity is cute when they try on your shoes…and not so cute when they use the “grown-up” scissors to cut up your favorite scarf for a new doll dress.

Lakeshore’s My First Fashion Designer kit encourages the creativity, curiosity and independence of early fashion experiments while minimizing the safety issues and worries that could come along with it.

Below, Product Development Manager Lynette Hoy answers my questions about the all-in-one kit that’s a young fashionista’s dream come true.

CG: What inspired My First Fashion Designer?

LH: Even young children are drawn to the glitz and glamour of fashion! We wanted to help kids as young as 4 safely make their own fashions, so we created a design product that requires zero sharp items, such as scissors, needles and pins. This way, even the youngest fashion designers can get creative while safely bringing their stylish dreams to life.

CG: How does My First Fashion Designer work?

LH: This kit comes with the essentials kids need to create fashionable dresses, skirts, tops, wraps and more—all without sewing or cutting. Kids will have a blast mixing and matching the included fabrics and accessories to create tons of different styles. Best of all, kids can create their runway-ready outfits in just three easy steps:

1) Choose a fabric and wrap it around the dress form.

2) Secure the fabric by pushing our super-safe buttons into a slot in the back of the dress form.


3) Add accessories—like the included design ribbons—to complete the design!


CG: What skills can a child develop using this product?

LH: If you’re a parent, you’ll love that My First Fashion Designer helps kids exercise and improve developmental skills. As kids repeat the hand motions needed to manipulate the fabrics and use the buttons, they’ll boost fine motor control while getting better at “dressing” their mannequin. Plus, the kit also helps kids learn to follow simple instructions and exercise their imaginations as they design.

CG: What special considerations did you make to design this product for children 4 and older?

LH: Safety and functionality were our top priorities. While our button fasteners do not have any sharp points, they hold outfits in place like magic. We also included pre-cut fabric pieces in two versatile sizes and pre-cut ribbons so kids could avoid having to use scissors. Using the two sizes we scaled perfectly for the dress form, kids can make anything from a scarf to a full-length dress.

To help young children get started, we also included a colorful guide with step-by-step design directions and bright pictures to provide inspiration.


CG: What will kids love about this product?

LH: Kids will love unleashing their inner fashion designers with our easy-to-use pieces and dazzling fabrics. And, of course, they’ll adore sharing their work. I had my daughter Presley create a fashion show for the whole family. Her designs were amazing, but my favorite part was seeing her take pride in her creations!

My First Fashion Designer outfits
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