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Guest Blog by Lindsay | Blogger from My Creative Days

Hello, Lakeshore Learning readers! My name is Lindsay and I am very excited to be guest posting today. Since this is my first time here, I thought I would share a little about myself. I am a wife and mom of two great kids who are growing up way too fast. I started my blog, My Creative Days, a few years ago to share how we live creatively on a small budget. Today, I am here to share 7 activities that will inspire your kids to get creative this spring break. We always look forward to these days when the schedule isn’t jam-packed and we can relax and do some fun activities with the kids. If you are a planner like me, these activities are great to have on hand before the break starts, so you aren’t struggling to find things to do when the “Mom, I’m bored” antics start. 🙂

Make Your Own Games

Make-Your-Own-Game Activities
Kids love to play games, and my kids love to create their own games. It was easy for them to design their own memory game using simple paper squares with different patterns. Use glue dabbers to adhere the squares onto a sheet of construction paper. Then, simply laminate and cut them out. These squares could be used for so many activities for kids, from sorting and patterning to counting games!

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Build Activities
Both of my kids have watched my husband and me DIY our way through so many projects. They have seen it so much that my daughter has come to us asking for projects she can try. There are some fantastic woodworking kits out there that provide kids with instructions and supplies to build numerous projects―or even to create one of their own. This one was perfect for my daughter. She DIYed her way through a pencil holder and then decorated it with glitter tape. I think that building activities for girls are great for building confidence and creativity. It’s also a fun activity to do outdoors.


Magna Tile Activities
My kids have the most fun with Magna-Tiles! They have created everything from small villages to skyscrapers with these tiles. As a parent, I love them because they encourage creativity and imagination. Plus, they are exploring early geometry concepts like angles and symmetry while they’re playing. Whenever a toy can do all this and keep my kids engaged without the television involved, I am a happy mom.

Tissue Paper Art

Tissue Paper Art Activities
I remember doing this craft when I was a kid, and my daughter loves to do it now. There are so many different masterpieces to be made with tissue paper squares. When my daughter was younger, I would draw a picture with different colors for her to fill in with the tissue paper. Now that she is older and loves to create on her own, she comes up with her own creations. All you need to do this is a pencil, white glue and tissue paper squares. Wrap the tissue paper around the eraser of the pencil and dip it in some white glue. Then press the tissue paper onto the paper.

Make Your Own Selfie Props

Make Your Own Selfie Prop Activities
My daughter received a new camera for Christmas, so she has been all about photography and taking pictures. She used wooden craft dowels to make her own props for a selfie station. She colored some funny props on white drawing paper, and then we laminated them and cut them out. We used Velcro to attach the props to the dowels so she could easily change them up when she wanted to.

Plan for Your Summer Garden

Plan for Your Summer Garden Activities
With spring and summer right around the corner, we have already started talking about all the things we want to grow in our garden this year. The Watch-It-Grow Window Greenhouse is a great activity to have on hand during spring break. It gives the kids the chance to work on their “green thumb” before the real thing happens in the summer. Science-related activities like this are always popular with our kids. They love learning about different processes, and when it is fun, they retain a lot of what they are learning.

Free Creative Play

Free Creative Play Activities
I think that free creative play is so important for every child at every age. Ever since our kids were little, we have had a “creation station” set up in our home. It is full of paper, crayons, markers, paint, scissors, tape, glue, recyclables, glitter, etc.,  for the kids to create with whenever they want. Sometimes, I will add something new to the station. Rainbow Scratch Paper is a great product for change up your “creation station.” When I add new paper, my kids soak it up like sponges. They create in a new way and experiment with it for hours. I even like creating on this paper. 🙂

I hope these activities have given you some ideas for your kids during their break. Please stop by my blog, My Creative Days, to say hello and see what other creative projects I am sharing.

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